The Better LifeFebruary 11th - March 4th

Jesus had a lot to say about what makes for a great life. But sometimes I make choices that are different than the choices I know He would want me to make. I want to live a better life than I'm living right now. How do I do it? Jesus provides some clear principles that will help me live the "better life."

February 11th - Purpose

What is the overall purpose God has designed for my life? What is the foundational principle He has given everyone to live by? If I want to live the "better life" I need to live on purpose. If that's what I'm made for, I want to discover God's purpose for me. To prepare, read Luke 10:25-28.

February 18th - Generosity

After I establish my purpose, I need to admit that I need more than what I've got right now if I'm going to accomplish it. Oh, not more stuff or power, but more compassion and concern for others. That's the model Jesus laid out for the "better life:" a life of generosity. To prepare, read Luke 10:29-37.

February 25th - Worship & Prayer

If I'm going to discover and live a "better life," I must realize it starts with connecting with the God who made me. I've been created to worship God. He has given me the first tool of worship: prayer. What does the life of worship and prayer look like outside of Sunday morning church service? To prepare, read Luke 10:38-11:12.

March 4th - Forgiveness

When I admit there is stuff in my life that doesn't belong there, I'm taking the first step to the "better life." God offers us the opportunity to put the past behind us. But what about showing gratitude for that forgiveness by giving it away to others who have hurt me? Can I forgive the same way God has forgiven me? To prepare, read Matthew 6:5-15.


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