The Real Celebrities of Christmas

Many Americans are dialed in with reality shows and their celebrities. Many of these celebrities would have never been "famous" if they weren't made famous by the show. The same is true for Christmas. If it weren't for God's amazing Christmas production, a few famous people from history would have never been known. Who are these ancient celebrities and what does their Christmas experience have to do with my Christmas experience? Invite someone to join you and find out for yourself!

December 17 - Following a Star

The entire Christmas story took place over amny months...maybe up to three years. When Jesus was a toddler, important leaders from Eastern countries showed up to bring him gifts. Why did God include these guys in the story? What does their real encounter with Jesus have to do with my Christmas story? Let's put it this way, Jesus came to the world for everyone! To prepare, read Matthew 2:1-12.

December 24 - Overnight Sensation
Christmas Eve Morning @ 9 & 11 AM

Of course, the biggest star of the Real Celebrities of Christmas is Jesus Christ. Why did God go to so much trouble to put on flesh and experience our existence? He came for a real purpose. But this purpose might be different than what you've always thought. Celebrate the reality of Christmas with a fantastic worship service and a life-changing message of hope. To prepare, read John 1:1-18.

December 24 - Star-struck
Christmas Eve @ 4 PM

Christmas has one more star in this final episode of the series. When Jesus was born his parents brought him to the temple to fully dedicate him to the Lord. Simeon met them there and saw something he had been looking for his entire life. He made powerful statements about this little baby that have a lot to do with you. Join us Christmas Eve as we wroship, sing and celebrate the birth of your hope and your eternal future. To prepare, read Luke 2:25-35.


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